Emblem of Hong Kong


Hello & welcome to our blog!
The main purpose of this blog is to kind of diarise our time in Hong Kong, however long that may end up being and for as long as it remains interesting!
This will hopefully end up being a lovely compilation of words & pictures that we can look back on and use to re-live what will hopefully be lovely memories of our experience.

We are a very sharing family and that’s why we are happy to welcome anyone else who is interested to read as many or as few of our posts as you like, we hope to keep you interested.  Please ‘like’ or ‘comment’ freely so we know who we’re sharing with – if you want!

Nina, Dan, Joshua & Eden (The HK Soloways!) xxxx


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi nina
    We’re going to be in Hong Kong from the 11nov till the 19 nov .would love to see you and take you out for dinner.please reply to my mail tamyneumann@yahoo.com. Ps are there any goodies you would like me to bring from here.
    Tamy and Peter ,israel

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