Hardly the prize of our life

We received a letter in the post last weekend from Now TV, the Hong Kong equivalent of Sky but a million times worse.

The letter said something along the lines of, “Dear Mr Soloway, thank you for subscribing to our new Premier League package.  As a thank you for your loyalty, you are entitled to receive a free gift as a token of our appreciation blah blah blah.”

Except the blah, blah, blah bit contained the most complicated set of instructions regarding redeeming this gift.  In order to receive the gift, the letter had to be signed by the Now TV account holder (Dan) as an acceptance of the terms & conditions and brought to the redemption office together with his Hong Kong ID card.
Should he wish to send a representative (which of course the plan was to send our helper!) Dan not only had to still  sign the letter, he also had to attach to the letter a copy of his Hong Kong ID card and the representative had to also bring their ID card with them in order to redeem the gift.

So naturally, with all the security, terms & conditions, rules & regulations and signatures required we were expecting this gift to be at least the Crown Jewels, or something of equal value.

Well, we are now the proud owners of ….


Of course, the umbrella was faulty.

So after a lengthy tour of the Now TV customer service hotline where I had to select so many options, none of which were the right one for, “Can I swap my faulty umbrella?” I eventually gave up and we just sent our helper back the next day, armed with copies of IDs naturally and luckily the Now TV office seemed to have come to their senses about the total non-value of this gift and agreed to the exchange with no fuss.

Still, it’s a bloody nice umbrella.  Josh loves all the Premier League team crests that are on it – so close to having Watford on there too of course but let’s not go down that road again ….

One thought on “Hardly the prize of our life

  1. As my Mum [who was a wise lady] was often heard to say “You can never have enough umbrellas” which is absolutely true if you leave them behind as frequently as I do!

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