A Proud 24 Hours

There’s a blog post being shared and spread around the world at the moment, written by a mother who feels the need to broadcast the fact that by this stage of the school year, mothers of school age children have basically lost all enthusiasm for the home support required by parents and all eagerness and compliance shown earlier in the year has basically gone out the window and bring on the summer.

Of course I can relate to that (show me a parent who can’t!) and I had a laugh reading it but is this really worth boasting about and high-fiving your friends for?  Just admit it quietly to yourself and keep schtum, it’s nothing to be proud of!  Instead, this is the time of year to be proud of our kids and what they have achieved this year – with or without our help.  We should go to the end of year parties, ceremonies etc and enjoy them, shed a tear, appreciate the effort and enthusiasm that most teachers are still showing and not moan about how much of our time this takes up!  If this isn’t the time of year to feel proud of your kids and totally ‘get’ why you had them, then when is?

And zooming in on our little Soloway world, we’ve had a proud 24 hours …

First Joshua – last night was the Maccabi Hong Kong end of season Awards Dinner.  Last year we went to this having only been in Hong Kong a few months and this year it really felt different having been part of this movement for a whole season.  Two awards were given out for each age group – one was the Player of the Year voted for by the kids of that age group and the other was Player of the Year voted for by the Maccabi Coaches.  As the results for Joshua’s 2005 category finally got announced right at the end, I could see that Joshua was getting a bit nervous.  Some kids were distracted, chatting and mucking about as it was the end of the evening and they’d all been sitting patiently for a long time but Josh was sitting on his crossed fingers and I could see how much an award would mean to him.  Obviously Eden chose that moment to need a wee so Dan took her and missed the moment, oops!  But Joshua was awarded Coaches Player of the Year in the 2005-2006 age group and we couldn’t be prouder of him after his first full season at Maccabi.  He received his Cup from one of the evenings special guests – a Jewish Taekwondo Olympian from the USA Beijing 2008 team who also gave an inspiring speech to all the kids.

DSC00981 DSC00982 DSC00984

And then this morning was Eden’s End of Year Party.  It was a very sweet party for all the kids with a ’round the world’ theme and different stations for the kids to play at.  Ignoring the fact that Eden went a bit weird & quiet and at one point fell asleep whilst Dan was holding her, she had a great time!!  That’s what happens when you don’t sleep through the night at 3 years old, love!

After the party all the kids went with their parents to their classrooms where we were shown a tear-jerking video montage of the highlights of the year and all the parents were presented with a special graduation book containing work by and pictures of their child plus our own DVD copy of the video montage as well as a disc containing all the pictures taken of Eden throughout the year!  It was a very special morning.

Whatever else I may have to say about our life in Hong Kong, I can say without a doubt that I believe this year has been better for Eden that the equivalent year she would been part of in London.  She has blossomed and developed at an astounding pace and made lots of friends.  It hasn’t tamed her entirely – there’s always next year!

DSC00988 DSC00989 DSC00990 DSC00991 DSC00992 DSC01001 DSC01011


6 thoughts on “A Proud 24 Hours

  1. Your blog was so good that we felt we were there to share in your pride
    We schlep nachos with you and give both of them big hugs and kisses
    Love from adoring grandparents currently enjoying the sun in Israel
    B & P

  2. What terrific achievements from Joshua and Eden! Congratulations on an excellent year. Enjoy the holidays.

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