Candy Crush

There is a reason I don’t smoke, drink (that much!), gamble or do drugs.  I get addicted to things very easily so I know it’s best to just not go there in the first place.  Plus, these are the reasons I can justify other irrational spending!

But once in a while something unexpected, that I didn’t even know I would need to be wary of, comes along and sucks me in.

Candy Crush is a game app where you work your way through various levels.  That’s it.  Each level gets a bit harder of course but in a nutshell, that really is it.  I could describe the actual rules etc but that wouldn’t make it sound any more appealing!

You link this app to your Facebook account where you can then see exactly what level any of your Facebook friends who also play Candy Crush are up to. You can give your friends lives, request lives from them and every 10-15 levels you need 3 friends to ‘let’ you into the next phase.  I think part of the addiction is seeing friends catch you up, trying to catch up others and keep others at bay etc etc.  Still sounds pathetic!

There are 350 levels but the makers keep adding more and I am a person that once I am so far down the line, I ain’t giving up til it’s done!  Some levels get completed at the first attempt, others can take weeks.  At the moment I am on level 213 and this is a result of roughly 4 months of dedication!  And I mean dedication.  I couldn’t possibly declare how many hours a day I put in.  Probably more than I did for major exam study!Jeez.  I’m not proud, really.

But – I couldn’t not document this phase in my life.  It’s like when you hear a song and it reminds you of a certain place in time.  Well, Candy Crush, it’s tunes, it’s visuals, all of it, will remind me about this particular time so it’s gotta go in the blog!

This is just another way of me keeping in touch with my distant friends, right?  Yes, that’s it.  Keeping in touch.

Enough time wasted, better get back to it, I mean, better play with my kids …. sweet.

3 thoughts on “Candy Crush

  1. Hi Nina

    Medona, Paula and I are all addicted too – though I am on level 97, Medona 105 and Paula 95 – we are very impressed x

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