Valentine’s Night

Dear Joshua
If you ever read this, sorry!  Mummy and Daddy went to Ocean Park.  Without you.  And we didn’t go to the Aquarium.  Or on the Frog Hopper.  Hope you understand and still love us!


After the excitement of Chinese New Year, Hong Kong didn’t really have a great deal of energy left for Valentine’s Day which fell the day after the five day weekend.  I told Dan not to even think about booking a meal in any restaurant.  All the restaurants here offer a Valentines’s menu with prices to literally make your eyes water.  We could eat at any of those restaurants for more than half the price on any normal night and probably enjoy a better meal than the limited set menus you get on nights like this.  Dan duly obeyed.

Every time we take the kids to Ocean Park, we always say that we should go back on our own one evening and go on all the roller coasters and do everything we can’t do there when we have the kids in tow.  So as soon as I put the restaurant ban on Valentine’s Night, Dan straight away looked at me wickedly and whispered, “Shall we go to Ocean Park?”  Yep, the magic is still there after all this time!  Of course I agreed though!

Ocean Park was still operating on extended opening hours for Chinese New Year so we had a full evening of roller-coaster opportunities  ahead of us.  Obviously we were hoping that all other people would have fallen for the lure of the restaurants and we’d have the whole place to ourselves with no queues.  It wasn’t looking good when the newspaper that morning reported how Ocean Park had to refuse entries the day before as the Park had reached capacity – oh.  But we still decided to give it a shot as the public holidays were now over and the evening would hopefully be quieter than the daytime.  Luckily we were right.  Like a pair of courting teenagers, we met at the Ocean Park bus stop.  I was there first and watched buses full to capacity dropping people back but the queue for the bus to get there was looking incredibly short.  In fact, apart from 2 other people, we had the entire double decker bus to ourselves on the way there.  I was more than happy with the ratio of 4 people in, 40,000 people out!

We pushed through the mass exodus of grumpy people leaving after their stressful crowded day and once in, we headed straight for the cable car where we hopped on with no queue at all and got carried to the top of the mountain where the REAL rides are!

Four or five fabulous roller-coasters later, we’d achieved what we went for.  It had grown dark during our time there and the last ride we went on was ridiculously awful, whizzing us right over the sea at one point with just the pitch black below us – highly recommended!  Dan declared himself ‘done’ and I therefore secretly declared myself the Roller Coaster Stamina winner!  I also declared myself absolutely starving but we found everything closing and for that reason we also had faces like the grumpy masses when we left!

I took control of proceedings and steered us straight back on the bus which I knew would drop us somewhere we’d be able to get an easy, quick bite to eat.  We ended up at The Spaghetti House and even that had a ridiculously priced romantic menu but luckily they also had the regular menu available so we avoided any rip-offs.  In fact, the best bit was discovering their baked banana and chocolate crumble with vanilla ice cream.  It was surprisingly to die for, the huge lumpy bits of crumble were amazing and I’m going to have to go back again, just for that!

spaghetti house

So, bus rides, roller coasters and The Spaghetti House … who could ask for more on Valentine’s Day?!

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