I have some time to myself!  Visitor season, for now, is over.  It’s been a hectic, busy, whirlwind of a time but we’ve all had a blast, especially the kids, and now that peace reigns once again, it all seems a bit empty actually.  Poor old Josh has slept on the floor in our room more times that he has actually slept in his own room over the past 6 or so weeks but he hasn’t complained once, he’s quite liked it actually but now he finally has his room back and can get on with his homework properly!!  No more excuses!

It’s been so hectic that I haven’t been able to blog ‘on time’ so to speak so this is going to be a bit of a rewind …

So, back to December and after our freezing but lovely break in Shanghai, Dan and I returned to Hong Kong to find the kids and my parents all settled into their little routine together and quite frankly I think we interrupted their little life together!  My parents particularly could quite happily have spent many more weeks collecting Eden from nursery, getting there a bit early and spying through the window in the door to watch what she gets up to when she thinks no one is looking!  But the kids broke up from school the day after we got back from Shanghai anyway, we had just a couple of days to settle back and then it was time to pack up again as all 6 of us headed to Disneyland Hong Kong for 3 nights over Christmas.

Our little holiday was very nearly ruined as poor Eden had a tummy bug and was down in the dumps, throwing up and off her food for the few days leading up to our departure.  But we continued with the plan despite me being paranoid that we were all going to get struck down.  Thankfully none of us did, we followed Eden round with the ‘sick bowl’ the whole time but there were no more incidents.  Her appetite still wasn’t right for most of the time but a little sprinkle of Disney magic and the old Eden soon appeared and she had the best time out of all of us!  She couldn’t get enough of the character breakfasts and character Christmas lunch (and not because of the food!) – her and Pluto had a bit of a holiday romance and as for Daisy Duck, well, there’s no doubt that she was Eden’s favourite person in the world at that time.

Holiday romance  Best Friends DSC00446

There was none of the shy retiring child that we may have seen in Josh at that age – she was full of hugs, kisses and squeezes for everyone, twirled around in her princess dress all day and ruled the roost in the kids playground.  And in between all that, her daily mission was to collect as many stickers as possible that are given out to the kids by all the Disney staff.  It was the perfect age to take her there.

Sticker Queen

We were a bit worried that some of the magic would be lost on Josh but, grown up as he thinks he is, he got just as much caught up in it all as his little sister.  Of course we had already been to Disneyland once before but that was just to the Park where really it’s all about the rides, so ‘believing’ or not, wasn’t really in question.  In the Disneyland hotel, when you’re there for 3 days of intense Disney, there’s much more potential for a kid of Joshua’s age to start getting a bit skeptical but thankfully we caught him just in time I think.  I even went as far as to ask him during one character breakfast if he thought that was the real Goofy, to which he quietly replied, “I think so.”  That was enough for me.

Fun in the maze No stabilisers!

With a 2-day park ticket on this visit, we had time to see the daily Parade which I have to say is every bit as good as in America and all the kids lined Main Street, with their parents behind them, dancing and singing away!

Eden & Pop at the Parade

And so the magic dust finally settled and it was time for us to get back to reality.  Well, for my parents, it was just time for them to continue their holiday with us….

A real hellraiser _DSC9574 No words needed!

3 thoughts on “And…breathe…

  1. Ahh lovely reading as usual neene. Your patsies are looking well. Glad u had a fab trip to Disney and that the kids had fun, any scheduled visits back to blighty coming up? Hope to read from u soon, all my luv sophs xxxxxx

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