What a privilege

Around 4 months ago, a case of being in the right place at the right time landed me what I thought was a one-off job helping out the founder and editor of Jewish Times Asia by proofreading the latest issue.

Turns out it wasn’t a one off.  Fast forward four months and I have proof-read every issue since then, re-written many articles, was listed as sub-editor in last month’s edition and this morning I found myself in the lobby of the Conrad Hotel Hong Kong interviewing Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks!  Talk about a whirlwind.

I think I may well have to face facts that despite my best efforts to remain jobless, I seem to have landed myself a regular job here.  I don’t mind though (I don’t think!) it’s very interesting, nice to have some extra pocket money of course, it’s the most part-time of part-time jobs I can probably find and like I said, I seemed to have fast-tracked my way to sitting between the Chief Rabbi and his wife in a hotel lobby in Hong Kong asking him about his forthcoming retirement, the highs and lows of his role as Chief Rabbi and his visits around the Jewish communities of Asia and Australia.  It truly was a fascinating half an hour and I’m very privileged to have been given that opportunity.

This visit to Hong Kong marks his last of many official trips he has taken here in his role of Chief Rabbi.  He has a very close relationship with the Hong Kong Jewish Community, perhaps the closest relationship he has of all the Asian Jewish Communities under his umbrella and before this visit, his office specifically requested interview time with Jewish Times Asia.

So there I was sat on a sofa with the Chief Rabbi on one side of me and his wife on the other, dictaphone, notepad and pen at the ready!  Before I knew it, our 30 minutes was over, I had survived, not embarrassed myself or made any of the faux pas I’m more than capable of!

Perhaps it says something about my journalistic enthusiasm that I sat down to write this blog before I started writing up the article itself but in the unlikely even that any major editors ever come knocking they can rest assured that I sorted out my priorities, paused the blog, wrote the article and came back to the blog!  I made that sound quick and easy but it actually took me about 4 hours to come up with something I was happy to submit!  I’m now awaiting the feedback but in 2 weeks time it’ll be ‘out there’…. eek.

9 thoughts on “What a privilege

  1. Well done Nina what an honour! Continues the Soloway connections with the Chief, Sue at the US, and Benjamin in N. Carolina and Boston

  2. Nina, It’s been a pleasure to read your HK blogs, not least of all because you are a skillful, informative and entertaining writer. Congratulations on your editing and writing assignments. Much success!

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