Well, who knew a hairwash could be quite so incredible?!

The first time I needed to take the kids for haircuts in Hong Kong, I asked around for recommendations of where people take their kids, or go themselves and the same place kept being recommended.  It was nearby & inexpensive so I was more than happy to end my search there.  It seems that most Hong Kong expats of a certain religious persuasion seem to go there for their weekly blow-drys.

The kids came out from their first visit still looking like themselves and since then I’ve practically become the pimp of this place – mother, sister, husband, kids, mother-in-law, – all have been ceremoniously announced, dropped off and collected some time later by me so many times now, I should be on commission!  But I’ve never dabbled myself, until today…

Today, I finally had my own appointment for a cut and colour.  This was carefully timed to be the halfway point between when I last had this done in London last summer and this coming summer when I shall be back in my regular seat at Martin Gold for the same process.

Everything was going perfectly normally, Martin Gold it was not, but if it’s good enough for my Hong Kong friends and most of my family, it was good enough for me.  The place could do with a bloody good clean but apart from that…!  Once my colour was done, I headed off for my hairwash and boom, I was transported into 20 minutes of total bliss!!  Why had no one told me about the hairwashes here??!!  Surely, everyone gets this treatment?  Or maybe this was my commission!!  Not only did I get two very lengthy, massaging shampoos and a fabulous conditioner scalp massage, I also seemed to get massaged across my shoulders and down my back – all whilst leaning back into the sink as normal and with my top still on!!  I did wonder how on earth I was going to come out of this unsoapy and dry and this was the only thing that stopped me relaxing completely!

Once everything was washed out of my hair, out of nowhere appeared delicously hot, wet flannels which were used to clean me up and wipe away whatever residue was lurking down my top!  Wow, it was amazing.  And once I was back in my seat, my little angel hairwasher carefully blowdried any bits of my top that were wet and I was back to normal!

My cut and colour were all perfectly fine but this visit was all about the hairwash!  I’ve never been one for a weekly wash & blowdry but now I’m seriously thinking about it.  I’m not waiting another year for a hairwash like that, that’s for sure.

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