6 months on…

How can it be 6 months ago today that 4 bewildered, exhausted, apprehensive and emotionally-drained people landed in Hong Kong to start a new life, really rather clueless about what exactly lay ahead, apart from a few sketchy details?

But here we are, 6 months later – we’ve survived, got our bearings, made a home, the kids are amazingly happy, we went home for an incredible summer of London love, have welcomed guests to stay and are super-excited for future guests (confirmed and potential ones!).

We’ve done and seen some amazing things, something I’ve been really keen to push and achieve whenever we can as I certainly don’t want to look back on our time in Hong Kong and not feel like we really made the most of it – I think we’re managing that too!

I relish my morning walks up to the Peak.  I’ve tried other routes but frankly nothing can beat that view or the sense of achievement when my aching legs (and the rest of me) finally reach the top.  It’s a 2 hour round trip from Nursery drop-off, up, down and home again but I love it – for now!

And my blog.  My precious blog that I’ve created.  I still love writing it.  I’ve surprised myself, since in my younger days when I decided to keep a diary for instance, I always gave up after a few weeks.  So I’m very proud of myself for keeping this up.  This is our family diary after all and one day in the future I might print it all out and me, Dan, Joshua and Eden will be able to look back fondly on a unique chunk of time.  Of course, over 4500 hits and all the amazing comments has blown me away more than I can say and has been a totally unexpected bonus of this whole thing.

Who knows what percentage of our time in Hong Kong 6 months represents.  We can only look back with pride and look forward with our heads up and our eyes open to see what the next chunk of time will bring.

8 thoughts on “6 months on…

  1. Wow – I can’t believe it’s already been six months!!!! Please keep writing your blog as reading it often brings a smile to my face on dreary London day xxx

  2. Still love your blog – so we’re all as glad as you are that you’ve kept it up! I think it’s amazing. It’s making me think I should do the same thing with our family time, but somehow it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as the Adventures of Hong Kong! Jo x

  3. thank you so much Jo – I’d love to hear about the ins and outs of the Rosh Pinah school run, I miss it! PS – Dan says when is David coming to HK?! xx

  4. I know I don’t appear on Neene’s fabulous blog as often as I should. However, I want to say how proud I am, not just of her for moving to the other side of the world with me but for creating a lovely home for our family, providing our beautiful kids with happiness and stability, for embracing the whole experience and, of course, for creating this unique record of experiences here. We miss our friends and family in the UK very much, but we’re having a wonderful experience here together at the same time. Here’s to the next 6 months….

  5. It is so good to follow your adventures on the blog. Hope the next six months are full of exciting and enjoyable experiences. Love to you all.

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