A lovely nursery pick-up

Boy I miss the school run.  No really, I do!  I miss the social side, the chatting and gossiping.  With the school bus culture here, Joshua gets picked up outside our building every morning and gets dropped back right there at the end of the day.  So when Eden started nursery I promised myself that as she is based only a 10 minute walk away that I would embrace the school run once again, taking and collecting her whenever I can.  It’s still not really the same though as most people seem to send their helpers to do the schlepping and it’s the helpers who clearly enjoy the social gossip at pick-up and drop-off – there’s more helpers than parents!  Oh well.

But today’s pick-up was really lovely.  I was making my way to Eden’s classroom when I found Joshua and his classmates having lunch in the Succah outside the shul which is right next to the Nursery.  They had come up from the big school campus for an hour or so.  I sneaked up behind him to give him a little surprise and he straight away wanted to come with me to get Eden.  He’s been begging me for ages to come with me to see her at Nursery but given that he’s at school all day, there’s never the opportunity.  His teacher kindly let me take him away for a few minutes and he came with me to Eden’s classroom where we found her all done up like a Red Indian which was very cute.  They were delighted to see each other and Eden’s teacher made a big fuss of Joshua and he then took Eden into the Succah to introduce her to his teacher.  A very cute few minutes.


5 thoughts on “A lovely nursery pick-up

  1. I have to mention that I’m really offended at the cultural stereotyping and insensitivity of the nursery school through their dress-up games. Also, the term “red Indian” is really derogatory. I just wanted to mention it.

    • The activity was nothing more than simple hat-decorating. The term ‘red Indian’ was used by me but I’ll be sure to tell Eden to tell everyone her hat is like the ‘indigenous people of America wore’ or ‘the Algonquin-speaking people’ or ‘the Pueblo-dwellers’. Let me know which you think is a better phrase for a 2 year old. I trust you have sent similar thoughts to the Washington Redskins and their supporters?

  2. Katie is right that this is a very offensive term although I never thought of it as such until I first lived in the USA. Since learning how offensive it in fact is, I no longer use it. I know Nina it is never your intention to offend (and this was by no means the focus of your post) and I’m sure we all agree that teaching stereo-typing is never something we would wittingly do.

  3. Well even after those comments, I’D like to say that Eden looks gorgeous as an indigenous American!!!!!! lol galore!!!!!!!! xxx

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