No, not a foot massage this time, a ‘proper’ traditional massage.  Yesterday I had one.  And today I need another to soothe my aching muscles from yesterday’s one!

I went to a spa just down the road where a few months ago I had a manicure.  At the time of the manicure, whilst trapped with my hands under the nail-dryer and therefore with no escape, the manager tried to sell me all sorts of deals for manicures, pedicures, massages etc.  I hate that.  Normally, on principle, I won’t agree to that kind of thing, I hate being pressured into signing up for stuff.  But – after saying no to everything that was being offered to me, she popped up with a final offer of 2 massages for the price of one.  First of all, I love a massage.  Secondly, this was the only deal she offered that required me to part with a reasonable amount of money.  All the others were ridiculous ones that involved paying about £300 for 50 manicures or something ridiculous.  But she had me with that one, I signed up!

I was really looking forward to the first massage.  My poor legs have taken a beating this last week or so with all the walking I’ve been doing and I thought it would do me the world of good – wrong, wrong, wrong, it was torture!!

My first gripe is actually the same complaint I always have.  Like I said, I love a massage and will always treat myself to one on any trip away.  After yesterday, I can now say that I have had a massage in just about every continent in the world (apart from Antarctica & no plans to go there in the immediate future!).  As I am lying there, face down looking at the floor, I always wonder why beauty salons do not design the floors of their treatment rooms to look nice for clients who spend an hour or so looking at the floor!  Instead, I almost always see fluff, chipped tiles and the feet of the therapist.  I should just learn to shut my eyes I guess.

So back to yesterday.  I think I just had one of those particularly heavy-handed therapists.  Some people like it that way, personally I prefer the gentler pain-free versions.  I swear, if there was some kind of camera pointing up from the floor to my face, there would have been some wonderful shots of my face contorted into all sorts of teeth-clenching, cheek-puffing looks, all to stop me yelping out in pain!  Often during a massage I have to remind myself to actually relax, no chance here.  My fists were so tightly clenched most of the time, there wasn’t much relaxing going on!  And when my arms were being massaged I had to concentrate very hard on only clenching the fist that was still hidden under the towel and therefore couldn’t be seen, and forcing the exposed arm to look relaxed!  Yes, I could have just asked for it to be a bit less vigorous but I did genuinely believe it was doing my muscles some good so I stuck it out to the end.

The second one’s in 2 weeks time – I’d better find some exercises that expand my pain threshold before then!

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