One of those days

Yesterday was one of those plod-along, get-through-it days.  Not sure why, but it was.  It could have been any or all of the following events that brought about a day like that:

Monday morning – the start of a new week and Eden’s first full week at Nursery.  After her brilliant attitude last week, I was confident.  But she cried.  I’ve done this before so I know it’s normal, kids cry when you drop them at Nursery, it was just a bit unexpected.  So, there is a bit of sensitivity in there after all!  I still left her, naturally!  I spied through the gap in the door for a few minutes, she was going to be fine and I set off to begin my morning but felt a little flatter than I had last week.

Later in the morning, I looked at my calendar and sadly realised what day it was.  27th August.  It would have been the 36th birthday of one of my oldest, dearest school-friends who was the victim of a horrible horrible disease and tragically never saw her 30th birthday.  Of course time is a great healer but I always think of her on this day.  Maybe this birthday was harder than others because I’m that bit more removed from the support network of all those who knew & loved her.  It sounds a bit soppy but for the first half of the day I really felt like she was looking down and smiling at just me, in the Hong Kong daytime, and later, when the rest of her loved ones woke up on the other side of the world, she moved on to smile down at them, but just for a bit, I really felt it was just me & her.  Who knows.

I also spent a chunk of time discovering and reading the blog of my cousin-in-law (I think!).  Like my blog, it’s capturing a significant chunk of life that shouldn’t be forgotten – 2 men whose dreams have come true in finally adopting a brother & sister and the trials, tribulations, ups, downs, tears & laughter that come with this massive life-change for all of them.  A real emotional, grounding read.

And the last tick-tock moment of the day?  I made salt-beef for the first time!  Where better place for a Jewish wife to make her inaugural salt-beef than Hong Kong?! Er…. anyway, after 3 hours of watching a bubbling pot, I trimphed.  Succulent and delicious, thank you very much.

So there we have it … one of those days …

4 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. Ahh wat a day. I know how u feel. I seem to miss Hayley even more( if that’s possible) on her birthday. I think about her always and everything seems to remind me of her. But onwards. Like u said she wouldn’t want us mopping around. Hope Eden was ok wen u collected her. Reggie starts on the tenth!!! Watch this space for my version of events. Luv ya Neene. X

    • ha ha – don’t think it’s that enlightening but … cover the brisket with water & simmer for 3 hours – toss in onions, potatoes, carrots (whatever!) about 30 mins before the end!

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