Eden starts nursery!

I now have a child who has only ever been educated in Hong Kong.

Deep breaths Nina, it’s only been 2 days and she’s only 2 years old so most of her education is just playing anyway and it’s not like we’ve thrust her in to the local Chinese school system.  She’s at a Jewish nursery where she’s doing nothing different than she would have been doing in Mill Hill at this stage –  apart from the fact that she will be doing Mandarin 3 times a week so it won’t be long before in that particular subject, she’ll soon be better educated than me!

Aside from my personal demons, I am ridiculously proud of Eden right now.  Although yesterday was her first day, it didn’t really count as it was only 1.5 hours and parents had to stay the whole time.  Eden spent her time exploring every inch of her new classroom, making a mess and I watched on relieved that finally the mess wasn’t my problem!

Today was more of a test.  Nursery starts at 8.45am.  We had been told that parents had to stay with their kids for the whole first few days but it kind of depends on each child and the teacher told me yesterday that she would indicate to each parent when she thought it would be ok to leave the room.  What does this mean?  That if you’re the last parent in the room then your child is the biggest emotional wreck?!  Pressure already!

In actual fact it wasn’t that bad.  Eden happily went in to the classroom and the parents all hovered by the door for a bit rather than getting stuck in to activities with our children like we did yesterday.  Then the teacher just said it was up to us when we felt it was right to leave.  She had advice for some parents but left most of us to make our own call.  The first child who was left had a tantrum for a good 10 minutes which unnerved the rest of us but probably no more than the poor teacher who had to deal with him knowing that the rest of the mums were looking on watching how she handled it!  The other kids barely even noticed.  To be honest Eden was completely happy and I could have left her much sooner but I waited until a few others had left, gave her a kiss and sneaked out the door.  Done!  I don’t think she even realised I’d gone!  I’d been waiting for this moment for a LONG time!

Obviously I was worried about the tears that might come once she did realise I wasn’t there so I joined a bunch of other mums who were gathered downstairs having a coffee and clutching their phones!  But no calls came and by the end of the morning Eden’s teacher told me what a great time she’d had with no problems whatsoever.

With a wave goodbye to Melissa her teacher, Eden marched out of the room saying, “Nice time” so I couldn’t ask for much more I guess!  She was so exhausted that she was asleep before the 10 minute walk home was up!  From tomorrow onwards she stays an extra hour for lunch so I hope I don’t find her asleep on the floor when I collect her!

So proud of my girl – for once she’s behaved impeccably!

4 thoughts on “Eden starts nursery!

  1. Fantastic, Nina. Eden is obviously going to love nursery. Well done to you. She is obviously ready for it. Enjoy the free time. Love to you all. Lynda

  2. Well done eden and well done Neene. Pg that will be me and reg come sept 10. Hope you are resettled back in to Hong kong life , hope to Skype you soon. X lots of luv. X

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