Like the Queen, Joshua has 2 birthdays

From the minute we moved to Hong Kong, or probably before that actually, Joshua took the idea of having 2 birthday parties this year and ran with it!  He didn’t let me forget it for a second.  One party had to be in London where we would be for his actual birthday and the other had to be in Hong Kong for all his new classmates and friends.  So be it.  Naturally he wanted 2 of the largest scale parties known to mankind but I at least managed to succeed with toning down that particular request!

Party number one was held in London.  To be honest, it was a good way of Joshua being able to see all his old friends from his old school which we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to achieve during our short visit.  He and his friends had a fab time running around the park with a football and Dan kind of controlling things, followed by dinner al fresco at the Park Cafe – thank goodness for a sunny day!

Party number two was held in Hong Kong yesterday.  It was a joint party with his NCT buddy Emily who is thankfully also in to ball sports and was more than happy to oblige a party run by Brazilian Soccer who Josh does his football training with.  I have now discovered that Hong Kong parties are far less stressful than English ones!  We booked a room at the Jewish Community Centre and gave them the choices of food, numbers of kids, details of the cake we wanted (which was even gluten-free once I provided the cake mix!) and they set it all up, cooked it, served it and cleared it all up again!  The entertainers from Brazilian Soccer kept the kids amused for the allotted time and we barely had to do a thing, apart from press ‘play’ on the party music CD!  I have to confess, at kids parties in London, a phrase I don’t hear that often is, “Excuse me, what time should I tell my driver to collect me?”  But apart from that, I think we came out of the Hong Kong party fairly unscathed and with the belief that it was a success and the kids were happy.  It’s still always a relief when it’s over though!

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