At last – a perfect drama-free family meal!

Last Saturday, whilst wondering what we could do the next day, I suggested going for lunch at Zuma.  It’s the same posh Japanese restaurant that is in London and other parts of the world.  I haven’t actually been to the London one so don’t know how it compares but I’d heard they do a family buffet on Sundays here in Hong Kong and thought it could be a good way to spend some time, especially given Joshua and his sushi-gorging tendencies!

A quick phonecall later and we had all the info we needed and a reservation for 11am the next day.  There are 2 sittings, 11-1 and 1.30-3.30.  With young kids, the earlier sitting was more appealing.  Because of the short notice we could only be offered an outside table.  Not ideal because of the extreme heat here at the moment, indoors in the air conditioning was much more appealing but if we enjoyed it then next time we’d book further in advance.  The best discovery was that kids under 10 go free so the fairly expensive adult price was kind of justified knowing that Joshua would eat more than his fair share of sushi!

I am trying to get in to the habit of remembering to slip Joshua’s bottle of gluten-free soy sauce into my bag whenever we take him out to eat somewhere where he may want it.  On the way to the restaurant I realised I’d forgotten it.  Not the end of the world but we tried to get a bottle at a posh supermarket (imagine Selfridges food hall) in the same shopping centre as the restaurant was in.  They were out of stock. I was actually surprised they stocked it at all as our supplies so far have been imported by us and other family members from England.  Never mind, we tried.

So we got to the restaurant, Eden had conveniently fallen asleep, so the 3 of us had time to enjoy ourselves before she woke up, probably grumpy.  I made a hesitant enquiry about gluten-free soy sauce, thinking that if they stock it in the supermarket downstairs, maybe they have it in an upmarket restaurant like this which is just upstairs – they did!  Good start.

Well, Joshua’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw the amount of sushi laid out before him.  He couldn’t believe that he could just take as much of it as he wanted as many times as he liked – and he did!  He must have done at least 5 trips to the buffet table and in the end he had the chefs custom-making him an order of salmon sushi without any wasabi inside!

Our outdoor table was actually very pleasant, comfy squishy seats and a nice breeze.  At one point it rained a tiny bit but we were under so many umbrella shades that it didn’t affect us at all.

As well as the enourmous buffet of not just sushi but all sorts of other Japanese specialities such as miso soups, tempuras, salads, meats – we also had to order a main course each which was included in the price.  There were 3 options for the kids to order as well (included in their free meal), none of which were suitable for Josh but he was happy with the buffet so we ordered 2 things for Eden for when she woke up, chicken udon and cod tempura.  I was absolutely too full and enjoying the buffet too much to even order a main course but of course Dan forced himself!

It was all absolutely delicious and when Eden woke up she rejected the 2 things we’d ordered for her but there was plenty of the buffet options that she liked so her grumpiness didn’t last long.

When the kids had finished, Dan took them to a kids playroom that they have there.  I’m sure they close this off for the more fine dining that goes on the rest of the week but they got it absolutely right to have something like this available for kids on Sundays.  We were happy to let Josh go off on his own but Eden obviously needed watching.  We took it in turns until dessert arrived.

Dessert was amazing too!  A big platter arrived which they give you according to the number of people at your table.  No two platters seemed to be the same so it was pot luck what we got but they were basically made up of fresh fruit, ice cream scoops sitting on a block of ice and an assortment of cakes.  Our cakes were a delicious mango pudding with white chocolate biscuity balls on top and a chocolate brownie with chocolate goo on the top.  Eden was only interested in the ‘choc, more choc, more more more’ but it was all delicous!

So a relaxing, happy few hours was had by all 4 of us.  And it’s definitely a place to bring visitors when they come to town.  It was a bit special for no reason just to kill time on a Sunday but ho hum, we had a good time!  Dan declared it the best meal we’ve had in Hong Kong so far – and we’ve had more than a few!

The only downside was that we thought our drinks would also be included in the price.  There are 2 prices – one that includes as much Bellinis, Veuve Cliquot and wine as you can drink and another cheaper one that we went for that doesn’t include the alcohol but we therefore assumed it included soft drinks.  Well, it didn’t and they charge steeply for soft drinks!!  Had we known we wouldn’t have ordered 2 fresh orange juices, an apple juice, a fresh lime soda and a diet coke during the course of the meal!  A bit cheeky but we know for next time.

And one of the nicest memories we took away with us was finally a good photo of all 4 of us – Eden wasn’t going to put her spoon down for a second though!

2 thoughts on “Zuma

  1. All of your blog posts that mention sushi, including this one, have given me such cravings! We’ve arranged with friends to go out next week for sushi!! Hoping that since your sushi endeavour was pleasantly uneventful that ours will be as well!

  2. Yum……and there’s nothing quite like having one’s kids enjoy a hearty appetite and good food!

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