Birthday Season Part 1 – Eden is 2

In a 7 week period, it’s party time in our household with a wedding anniversary and 4 birthdays to celebrate.

Thursday 5th July marked the first birthday – don’t ask me where 2 years have gone but little devil Eden turned 2.

I have to confess I’ve spent the past few weeks beating myself up about the fact that I can’t make the ‘bouncy castle in our garden’ party with all our family and little friends in attendance that I made for Joshua when he turned 2.  That is exactly what I would have done had we still been in London.

I did think about making a little party for her here but since she hasn’t started nursery yet, I could only muster up a list of about 5 new friends around her age to invite and given that the summer holidays are already well under way here, some of those have already gone away.  So not much point in a party then!  Next year, after a year at nursery it will be different and I’m sure she’ll have a great party then.  I just reassured myself that at 2 years old, she’s got no idea it’s her birthday anyway so she won’t be judging me.

After a dash to Toys r Us the night before for some last minute extras, we had a nice little pile of presents and cards piled up for Eden to open first thing in the morning.  It was so lovely that she had lots of cards from London to open too.

Unfortunately, the weather was appalling and we couldn’t venture out all morning so any ideas of an outing somewhere and a nice lunch went by the wayside and we were stuck indoors.  Once again I was relieved that she didn’t actually know it was her birthday!  I still got her dressed up in the princess dress we had bought her in Disneyland and Joshua insisted on wearing a shirt all day to mark the occasion!  Her new phrase for the day was “Happy Zappy” which she said everytime we said Happy Birthday to her, very cute.

Unfortunately, the celebrations were broken up by a dash to the doctors as Eden had developed some weird blotches which I knew were different to her regular eczema and if she hadn’t already had chicken pox, I would have thought it was that.  I thought maybe it was some funny mosquito bites but the doctor didn’t think so and referred us to a Dermatologist who we saw the next day who diagnosed impetigo – delicious.  It’s very contagious and Joshua’s now sporting a lovely lesion of his own on his elbow but luckily no others.  The most amusing part of the trip to the doctors was, when presenting Eden to the receptionist with her long blond hair and wearing her princess dress, I was asked, “Boy or Girl?”  They must dress up little boys very strangely out here!

In the afternoon, some friends came over for a play, armed with more presents for her and the day was rounded off with dinner at the JCC – not exactly an exciting destination but the weather was so iffy, it’s the nearest place!  I just hope none of the kids get an unwanted going home present of impetigo!

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