It was never going to be long before we took a trip to Disneyland Hong Kong – I’m surprised it took as long as 3 months to be honest, given that it barely takes more than half an hour to get there from our apartment, lucky us!

So one day whilst Dan’s parents were here and he was able to take the day off, off we all went.  Joshua, in his under-privileged life has never been to any Disneyland or Disneyworld so he was super excited.  I hadn’t been since I went to Florida at the age of 15, and Dan something similar so we were all really up for absorbing the magic.

I couldn’t quite imagine Hong Kong pulling it off as well as they do in America so I was a little skeptical but from the moment we got on the Disney train with the Mickey Mouse shaped windows and Mickey Mouse shaped hanging bars to hold to, I was converted.  It’s those little touches that make it and it’s hard not to get caught up in the magic when you can’t escape the happy, happy Disney music being pumped out every which way you turn!  And if you’re still not swept away, a trip on It’s A Small World should do it!

For Joshua, the highlight was a Buzz Lightyear ride where we each had a laser-type gun to shoot our way through the ride scoring as many points as possible.  He went on this twice and of course we had to buy him his own replica of the gun at the end of the day.  The worst moment of his day (not that we intended to give him a ‘worst’ moment of course!) was Space Mountain.  Dan and I had both been on this before in Florida.  I knew it wasa roller coaster in the dark but after 20 or so years, exact memories were hazy.  We put our trust in the fact that Joshua was about 15cm taller than the height requirement for the ride so clearly kids a lot younger than him went on it so he’d be fine.  Well, he wimpered his way round the queue, knowing he’d hate it & working himself into a big stress but it was kind of too late for him to drop out.  There was a point right at the front of the queue where you could change your mind but we’d made it that far so Dan strategically placed himself in front of the sign that said ‘Last chance to change your mind’ so Josh wouldn’t see it!  We ended up being put right in the front car with me & Josh in the very front and Dan just behind us.  I held Joshua’s hand the whole way so he knew I was right there.  It was quite noisy but I could hear poor Josh screaming and crying that he wanted to get off from the second we picked up significant speed!  Too late to back out now so I held his hand, enjoyed the ride myself thanks, and helped a quivering, crying and actually bruised in the head little boy off at the end.  We kept telling him how proud we were of him that he’d done it and how his friends would be so impressed when he told them he’d been on Space Mountain.  It didn’t make much difference.  He declared it the worst thing he had ever done, that he had a headache and I feared he would never trust us again!

Now, we’re not usually the types to fall for the expensive and usually rubbish photos they take of people on these rides but when we saw the one of the 3 of us, we couldn’t let it go, poor old Josh did look funny!

So after a big stick of candy floss and copius amounts of sushi for lunch, Joshua eventually recovered and we stuck to It’s A Small World and other such lame, I mean tame, rides after that.  All is not lost though, Eden has no fear and throws caution to the wind in most things she does so when she comes of age, and height, there’ll be no stopping her!  And maybe Joshua will follow in his little sisters footsteps and try a roller coaster again one day!

In December we’ve just booked to go back and stay for 3 nights at the Disneyland Hotel with my parents over Christmas so Joshua’s next chance might come sooner than he hoped!

2 thoughts on “Disneyland!

  1. Love reading your blog you have an amazing way with would make a fantastic journalist or write a book .lots of love keep up the good work Ruth xxxx

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