My new shopping BFF

I know, I know, I’m about 50 years ahead of the game here.  I bought a proper granny shopping trolley!  It is quite a funky one though.

Please understand that living at home in London with a car, cool weather and other such luxuries, I wouldn’t be seen dead with one of these but now that I live in a place where we don’t have a car and the nearest supermarkets are a taxi ride or a hilly walk away, I really do need something like this in order to be able to get anything bulky back home with me!

Well, naturally, most of the time I get the bulky stuff delivered and actually send my helper to get any ‘top-ups’ in between my big weekly shop so really it’s her new best friend, not mine I guess!  I am getting use out of it at least once a week though, especially on a Sunday when our helper’s not around and I haven’t timed things well enough to make sure she’s done any topping up for us on a Saturday!

I do secretly love it though and was a bit fixated about buying one for a few weeks before I actually took the plunge so don’t be surprised if in a few years time I’m spotted dragging it round Mill Hill!

3 thoughts on “My new shopping BFF

  1. Nina, I have always secretly wanted one but couldn’t bear to suffer the derision of my children and probably my friends. When you return perhaps you can set a trend and I can walk to the shops without fear of mockery.
    Love to all

  2. I have a granny cart in both cities where I live. They’re brilliant! I am jealous that yours is waterproof! I think that even when I do have a car again, I’ll still use the trolley. Use it proudly! Also, Lynda, you should definitely get one!!

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