Symphony of Lights? Not really…

Whilst living at Parkview, the 8pm light show, or Symphony of Lights as it’s officially called, became part of our daily routine.  We didn’t exactly have a full-on vantage point but on a clear night we could certainly see it going on from the angle we had and Joshua looked forward to it every day.

We therefore promised him that when my parents were here, we would take him to see it properly one evening on the Kowloon side where you get the best view of the Hong Kong skyline.  He was very excited, especially with the prospect of dinner at Mou Mou club afterwards!  He couldn’t wait to show my parents just how many bowls he could eat and how to cook everything and choose everything themselves!

So we left Eden at home and Joshua came out with the grown-ups!  We got the famous Star Ferry across the water to Kowloon.  My parents were quite excited about returning to Kowloon which they had last visited 22 years previously.  Unfortunately their memories of stepping off the ferry, going up a quiet street to a little square (or something like that!) were completely wiped away.  Kowloon is a major part of a major city, there’s no such thing as a quiet street or a little square anywhere near the harbour side!!  Imagine that – a city not looking the same after 22 years, can you believe it??!!

Anyway, we stepped off the ferry and headed to the Avenue of the Stars which we had earmarked as the best vantage point for the lightshow when we were in Kowloon a few weeks earlier at the Space Museum and first trip to Mou Mou club.  We got a great spot … and then it started to rain!  We still had about half an hour to go until the light show started and things were getting pretty busy being a Saturday night, so we were reluctant to lose our spot but our already humidity-affected hair was getting wet!  We were standing on a kind of high-up platform viewing point so we headed down the stairs to a point directly underneath it where we could stay kind of dry and we still managed to get a ‘front row’ position.

And at 8pm it started – and what a disappointment.  It just looked like a bunch of buildings randomly flashing their lights, it didn’t look very well co-ordinated and there was no real wow factor, although plenty of oohs and aahs from some of the tourists who are impressed by anything!!  The best bit was the on and off green lasers coming from the tops of the tallest buildings but really the whole 15 minutes felt like an introduction to a big finale that never happened!  Never mind, you live and learn and at least we can say we saw it!  I mean it wasn’t a bad way to spend 15 minutes but after all the hype, we won’t be rushing back, unless we have guests who are desperate to see it, although if they’ve just read this….!

So on to Mou Mou Club – a far better experience!  Joshua surpassed himself, eating a record number of portions and loving the independence of going up to the buffet area on his own and helping himself to all the veg, rice and noodles he could fit into a bowl and then coming back and cooking it all himself!  It’s definitely becoming one of our favourite haunts.

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