It’s stressful being a sofa!

I wanted to wait to blog about our long-awaited move until the move was finally complete.  There was an unexpected twist on moving day that led to a stressful week!

On moving day, I decided the best thing to do was to get rid of Joshua, Eden AND Dan (!) whilst I directed things at home without too many people under my feet.  So off they went to Joshua’s first Brazilian Soccer tournament, leaving the ladies (me and my new trusty helper, Judy) in charge!  Of course I have to mention that Joshua was on the winning team in his age category and was the tournament top goal scorer – his head could barely fit through the door when he got home!!  But anyway…

When Asian Tigers, our shipping company, arrived, I was given the satisfying job off ticking off box numbers as they came through the door to make sure none were missing.  This was like bingo to me!  The men called out the numbers & I ticked them off whilst telling them where to put each box, right up my organised street!

At the end of the morning there was just one number not yet ticked off – the one we feared might be a problem – box 50, our big sofa!  The men had tried to get it in the lift but it wouldn’t fit, even with all the protective packaging removed.  They’d even tried to get it in the stairwell to schlep it up to the 9th floor but the angles were too tight so they couldn’t do that either.  So they had to take it away again to apparently get a contractor to come and assess the site and quote for the sofa to be hauled up the side of the building!!  Now, a girl from North London doesn’t really experience precious belongings being hoisted about on ropes that often, it was stressful enough knowing that most of my worldly goods were sailing across the world for 6 weeks, now this!

We were told that normally a job like this costs about £300-ish but it obviously depends on the job.  Well, we straight away decided that unless Dan’s company were happy to absorb this cost, we certainly weren’t going to!  We had only brought our sofas to Hong Kong to see out their days here, when we return home we plan to buy new ones so there’s no way we were going to pay more than the sofa is worth to reunite it with it’s smaller relation that did safely make it up in the lift.  So thankfully, GE did generously agree to cover the cost and everything was arranged for last Friday.  I obviously had to keep the Management Company of our building fully informed as they had to agree to everything that was being done.  The contractors wanted to do it on Friday afternoon but at the request of the Management here they kindly rearranged their whole day to do it in the morning.  You see, directly below our balcony is the swimming pool so the pool area would have to be closed off for Operation Sofa and on Friday mornings they shut the pool area anyway for weekly cleaning so they wanted the job done when the pool was shut anyway.  Fair enough request I guess and thankfully the contractors obliged.  I also had to make sure the Management knew that the contractors required access to the building roof for the job and I duly told them this verbally and by email giving them all the details of the people they should contact if they had any queries.

So Friday morning arrived.  I’d cleared space in the lounge, charged up the camera and peered tentatively over the balcony every few minutes to see if anything was happening.  Nothing.  Eventually I got an email from Asian Tigers to say the contractors had come but they’d been sent away again by our building Management because they weren’t allowed the roof access!!  I was naturally furious – the Management had been clearly told roof access was required so I couldn’t believe they turned the contractors away for this reason, especially because the contractors had reorganised their whole day to accommodate their timing requests!  Apparently the reason for the refusal was because the roof is privately owned and they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) ask the owner for access.  I think they thought the whole sofa was going up to the roof but even I worked out that the access was only required to fasten ropes and other such hauling equipment.  We were told that the only way they could now do the job was to haul the sofa up to the pool area from the street level below our street (hard to picture I know, Hong Kong is built on so many levels!) and then up from the pool to our balcony.  This was now going to therefore cost double as it was effectively 2 haulings.  Dan and I were squirming at all the approval requests that were going on behind the scenes, all for our old sofa that we only decided to bring at the last minute!

Once again, approval was granted and this morning at about 10am, our poor sofa who had only just recovered from 6 weeks at sea, went on a journey of a lifetime.  Our lovely sofa is now an abseiler extraordinaire!  If only it knew that whenever we move out of here it will probably be sawn in half and chucked on a skip!!

I did my best to film and take pictures to capture this event – I hope I get the point across…..

4 thoughts on “It’s stressful being a sofa!

  1. It doesn’t surprise me as we used to see this a lot in Manila, but at least the stress is over now!

    More importantly, well done Josh at the soccer tournament, that’s fantastic!

  2. That has got to be your best blog so far. Get it, so-far, sofa.. Ah forget it. Very funny Neene. We’re missing you guys, big love to dan and the kiddies. Gab x

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