“Save yourself!”

It’s been a bit of a weird day today…

Eden and I were privileged to have Dan join us on our morning walk.  This was because he felt guilty about working late last night and the fact that he’s scarpering off to Shanghai on Sunday for 5 nights, just 1 day after we move into our new flat!  So he decided to spend some quality time and join us.  It’s not how his average Wednesday back home would start out that’s for sure but he was still in his office by 9.30am.

This morning started out as one of the brightest, clearest mornings we’d seen yet, so once we’d seen Joshua onto the school bus we headed into the country park in good spirits, Eden delighted to have us both with her.  Things took an unexpected turn when at some point on our trek back up it started to spit and within minutes it was coming down good and proper – we weren’t expecting this!  Dan had the buggy at the time and I was trudging behind them.  As the rain came down harder I told Dan we should take cover in a shelter that was about 500 metres further up the hill.  Unfortunately, this meant we had to pick up the pace a bit in order to reach the shelter before we got properly drenched.  Dan and I wouldn’t have minded the rain but we didn’t want Eden, the buggy and my Pink Lining bag getting wet!  Dan & Eden were quite a way ahead of me and I just had to stop at one point to catch my breath.  I looked up and saw that Dan had stopped to wait for me to catch up but I waved at him to carry on going as he had Eden.  He didn’t get what I was trying to tell him so I waved harder and shouted, “Save yourself!”  He thought that was hilarious!  In hindsight that does sound quite dramatic but it made sense at the time!  Anyway, we made it to the shelter.  I would have happily stayed there until the rain stopped but Dan was twitching about getting to work and we only had one key with us so we put the rain cover on Eden and carried on with our dash home.  If it wasn’t for Eden screaming in protest about the rain cover, we’d have quite enjoyed the relief of the rain!

Eden and I have spent the rest of the day at Parkview as the weather hasn’t really cleared up.  I’ve been feeling a bit homesick the last day or two as I have a friend at home who’d I’d love to be able to give time and hugs to.  Texts and emails etc just don’t cut it sometimes.  This isn’t helped by a certain Mr Bruno Mars who has provided me with my latest song obsession ‘Count on Me’.  I can’t help listening to it on repeat even though it makes me well up!  Eden & I have had a good time dancing together to it this afternoon though!

I’ve certainly been cheered up by the contents of Joshua’s bag as he’s just got back from school – some very impressive looking Mandarin work!  Who does he take after with those skills?!

14 thoughts on ““Save yourself!”

  1. A message for Joshua.
    Wow! I am so impressed by your Mandarin writing. I started to learn a while ago and I didn’t do very well. I wasn’t able to do nearly as well as you have done so Congratulations on some terrific work.

  2. Loving hearing about all your adventures – they often make me chuckle. Don’t be homesick you’ll be back before your know it full of great experiences, whilst nothing much has changed here. Really impressed with Josh’s Mandarin – bet you never thought he would start to be trilingual by the age of 7 and with such diverse languages as Ivrit and mandarin as opposed to the usual french and spanish!

  3. ~Wow Joshie – you’ll have to teach me mandarin when we see you!
    Nina I sympathised with your rain news – I got caught in a Hail storm here yesterday. I got very wet and cold. Much Love Boobie

  4. Hope the pink lining bag made it home ok!! Yuk we’ve had hail stones this week the size of footballs. In may too. Charming!! Josh’s school work is super impressive. He’s learnt that quickly?! Glad you got to spent some free time with dan even if it was in a rain storm. Wud luv to see some photos of your new apartment wen u get a chance. We are going to Benidorm on Sunday for a week but will have my phone, obviously so will receive any new bloggs. Gotta start thinking about reggies dinner now so adios amigos. Stys lots of luv sophs xxx 🙂

    • Bag was fine, phew! Have a fab time in Benidorm, enjoy some sun! I’ll be out of internet action anyway for a few days until our broadband is set up in the new place. But skype when you’re back and I’ll give you a tour of the new place. xxx

  5. Have just discovered your blog via a link of Sue’s on Facebook. Hilarious! I shall enjoy reading about your exploits – Ruth (Liss)

  6. Do you think Joshua might want to send Katie a message in Mandarin and vice versa? Looks like he’s learning fast. As you probably know, she studied the language in college and traveled to China. Am enjoying hearing about the Soloway adventures! Katie’s Mom, Diana

    • Hi Diana – I’m not sure if Josh is quite ready for sending messages yet, he only knows numbers and months – doesn’t make for a very interesting conversation! But at least he has someone to practice on when he’s ready!

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