Horizon Plaza

As I write this, somewhere down in Hong Kong harbour sits a container full of Peppa Pig paraphernalia, Hornby, my own bed, my squishy sofas and half of Costco, amongst other things.  Yes, our shipment has arrived, we get the keys to our new flat on Friday and I cannot wait to be reunited with my precious possessions – well, half of them at least, we left the other half behind.

Despite this, there are quite a few items of furniture we’ve needed to buy for our new place.  Much as I thought my life had moved on from furnishing my home from Ikea, I have allowed myself to revert back to it.  I’m not buying stuff for life here, so happy to keep it cheap and cheerful during this break from luxurious Mill Hill living – ha ha.

So we picked out everything we needed (after our successful date night last week), finalised it all at home and off I went back to Ikea to place the order.  The one item that had me the most excited was the lime green soft leather dining chairs I’d picked out, so naturally they were completely out of stock for at least another month, grrr.

The chairs were one of our ‘need urgently’ items, so today Eden & I headed to Horizon Plaza on a mission.  I hadn’t been there yet but had heard about it and read about it in a supplement dedicated totally to it in the South China Morning Post (my new daily read!) a few weeks ago.  All I knew was that it was a shopping centre full of furniture/homeware shops, many of them flagship stores so it made sense to check it out and I was quite up for some air-conditioned mooching.

I was expecting something that resembled most shopping malls of the world – several floors of shops in a typical open plan layout, lifts, escalators, a food court, Starbucks, a handy directory of the shops, plenty of toilets, the simple things one expects!  Well, Horizon Plaza was the oddest shopping centre I have ever been to!  It’s arranged over 28 floors with maybe 5-6 shops on each floor.  There’s no directory, map or anything like that so you don’t know what you’re going to find on each floor!  There’s no escalators either.  There are 5 lifts – 2 that stop at all the even numbered floors, 2 that stop at the odd numbered floors and one that stops at all floors.  For heavens sake, I just wanted to shop, not concentrate!  I entered the building on the ground floor, got in a lift, not yet knowing about the even/odd numbered thing and had no idea what button to press when faced with 28 options!  Normally in buildings like this, the first few floors are the shops and the rest are all offices and I certainly didn’t want to stride out of the lift with Eden and the buggy into some random office!  So I pressed 1, the doors opened, I peered out, car park.  I then tried 3 (I was in the odd-numbered lift), decided to actually get out this time, still no shops, car park again.  It was probably now a good idea to get out the Horizon Plaza newspaper supplement that I’d saved and brought with me in search of some guidance.  I saw that a lot of the shops were all advertised as being on high floors so I took the plunge.  I got back into a lift, hit 28 and finally arrived!  I was pretty successful from then onwards.  I saw perfect chairs in the first shop I went in but obviously had to check out all the other floors in case there was something better out there.  This involved working my way down the even numbered floors and back up the odd numbered floors.  Thankfully Eden fell asleep so I could do this ridiculous tour in peace but she did wake up round about floor 15 as I was working my way back up to the top to buy the chairs.  She naturally wanted something to drink and lunch and the only place I’d seen on my travels that had any of that was at the back of the 28th floor shop where I’d noticed a nice place for lunch.  I couldn’t let her whinging ruin my route now.  I was on a roll here so she just had to bear with me as I made my way back to the top, stopping at the remaining odd-numbers on the way.  She was rewarded with a cupcake, half a panini and an area to play in whilst I called Dan to tell him the good news that I’d found some chairs, they were cheaper than the Ikea ones and so as a reward for my achievement I treated myself, I mean the family, to some gorgeous lime green scatter cushions, in honour of the green Ikea chairs that will never be part of our family.

And if you’re really that interested:
Our new chairs – http://www.tree.com.hk/category/by-category/benches/page/2/
The chairs that weren’t meant to be – http://www.ikea.com/hk/en/catalog/products/00163803/#/00203880
Scatter cushions – see picture!
Horizon Plaza – doesn’t have a website, that would be too helpful.


6 thoughts on “Horizon Plaza

  1. What an experience! Sounds like they need a Retail Consultant, my services are availbale at a modest fee – its only the fare which is expensive

  2. Wow, HK really is shopper’s paradise! Really nice furniture they have in that store – which pic on the page has your chairs in it?

  3. Loving your Blog, its a nice start to the day catching up on your antics. Plus its a good excuse to have a brew and a read before i start work. Sounds like your having fun out there and fully making the most of your opportunity. Looking forward to the next entry xxxx

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