Still walking!

I said I would and I am!  Every morning around 7.30am, Eden & I hit the slopes.  When I say every morning, I mean apart from weekends and the one bank holiday we’ve had so far – and apart from yesterday when I was injured…  Yep, on Tuesday morning I carried out a perfectly executed manoevre which consisted of tripping over the buggy wheels on a downward slope, falling forward grazing my knee and top of my foot whilst still holding on to the buggy which I tipped backwards as I fell but didn’t let go of!  If I’d let go, Eden would have made it to the reservoir in record time, let’s put it that way!  This was only witnessed by a couple of people and I don’t remember who they were anyway!  I, however am quite distinctive as the only walker with a buggy, a red buggy, so I don’t really blend in unnoticed!  Never mind, I’ll probably never see them again after we move out of here so will just hold my head up and try to stay on my feet until then!  So I gave yesterday a miss as my ankles were killing me on Tuesday and Wednesday – Eden & I went swimming instead – but we’re back on track today.

I’ve really been enjoying making progress.  Each morning I go a bit further, the climb back up gets less torturous each day and I’m really going to miss it when we move.  I see familiar faces who always say hi and sometimes stop for a chat, Eden waves at everyone, woofs at the dogs, points at the butterflies, reads a book, has a drink & snack, says ‘more tree, more flower’ every few paces and generally has a blast!  She’s now taken to demanding ‘wheee’ which means that as well as negotiating the steep hills, I have to do this whilst swerving the buggy vigorously from side to side to keep my thrill-seeking daughter happy!

The weather has been amazing these past few days as well.  The humidity still hits me in the face every time I step outside though but apart from that the sun is out and the cloud has finally lifted, revealing the most spectacular views, day or night, wherever you are.  I know the weather has been rubbish back home for ages so I won’t mention (in too much detail!) that Eden and I enjoyed a delicious banana split by the pool yesterday!

Hong Kong Island might be a killer to walk around but it’s incredible to see when you’re being driven around and can enjoy it from so many different angles.  Every taxi ride shows me something new and, much as I miss home, I really do appreciate that I’m living in one of the most breathtaking cities on earth.

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