Foot mmmassage…

At the risk of sounding like a bit of a saddo, I think we’ve been out at night more in the past 5 weeks than in the past … well, a long time, back home!

Last night’s trip to Ikea isn’t one of the stand-out highlights, although it was successful, in purchasing terms.  I will just say that my ‘date’ was an hour late so we started off the evening going in to Ikea looking like the grumpy couples who normally come out the other end!  In fact, we actually came out happier than we went in!

Saturday night on the other hand, was a fun one.  We went with a friend to a truly fabulous crab restaurant under a bridge, inspiringly named ‘Under Bridge Spicy Crab.’  It was filled with locals, always a good sign, we had a hilarious waiter, Mario (clearly not his real name) who treated us like dumb tourists but in a nice way.  When one of us asked if they did spring rolls, he said, “No spring roll, no burger, no ravioli, no pizza!”  Ok then.  We weren’t sure what size crab to order so good old Mario helped us out with that one by bringing us different sized live options to choose from which did make us squirm a bit – we chose a tasty one though!  Probably not the most appropriate way to end a day that started off at shul having lunch with the Chief but I guess some days just turn in certain directions!

After dinner we made an impulse decision to go for foot massages.  That might sound a bit odd but in Hong Kong, it’s as normal as having a cup of tea, I promise!  There are foot massage parlours everywhere, some seedier-looking than others obviously, but all are licensed with strict rules.  We found one near the restaurant and down the steps we went!  Naturally it was all dim red lighting, thin swishy curtains and velvety seating.  We chose the 25 minute option then we were sat down, told to take off our shoes, given some delightful flip-flop type things to wear and led through a swishy curtain into a room with the most comfy looking reclined armchairs I’ve ever seen.  Obviously I got the giggles but the 3 of us sat, or rather lay down, sank our feet into the nice warm bath that was put in front of us and went with the flow!  After less than a minute we knew we were going to enjoy it a lot so immediately extended our 25 minutes to 50 minutes!  Less than a minute later again, I regretted that decision as, if I thought I had the giggles before, that was nothing compared to the giggles I had to hold in as the soles of my feet were being tickled relentlessly!  I did get used to it though and it was over all too quickly.  I’m sure at least one of us fell asleep!  Apparently weekly foot massages are the ‘rule’ in Hong Kong – who am I to disobey?!

2 thoughts on “Foot mmmassage…

  1. Feet, Ankles, even Ikea seems like the H-K fetishes are starting.
    What next! Opium Dens – Kung Fu classes – secret Betting sessions? Can’t wait for our visit
    Pa, Pops

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