How I’ve settled in at carmel.

I have been a bit a worried about my new school because as you know it takes time to settle into a new school. I’ve been wanting to come back to Rosh pinah.I AM HAVING A GOOD TIME IN HONG KONG THOUGH AND SCHOOL IS GETTING BETTER.

5 thoughts on “How I’ve settled in at carmel.

  1. We are proud of you, what u have achieved so far is fantasmegorical.
    Changing school is always difficult but you have changed Countries as well.
    and you’re very brave to write about it
    Boobie and Pops

  2. We are so pleased that you are enjoying your new school a bit more now and you are so brave to admit that it was hard at the beginning. Very soon you will love it even more than Rosh Pinah.
    Love you loads and loads
    Grandma and Pop xxxxxx

  3. Dear Josh I think your blog is terrific, and that you are very brave. I remember when I was a little boy, I moved from Africa to England. I felt very lonely and scared when I first went to school. The best thing for me was that other children wanted to be my friend because I was good at football and they wanted me in their team. I also remember telling the other boys in my class how much I liked my new school (even though at first I didn’t). This helped me to make new friends.

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