Mou Mou Club

Yesterday we went to the mou mou club.It is a resturant where we cook our food.I had nine portions! There  noodles made of vegtables.You cook your food in soup.BY JOSHUA

Nina’s version!
Yesterday we had a nice family day out across the harbour in Kowloon.  First stop was the Hong Kong Space Museum which was pretty quiet, maybe because it was a Bank Holiday yesterday (Buddha’s Birthday, naturally) or maybe because it wasn’t that good!!  Joshua loves all things planets, loved the Planetarium in London and this had been one of our Hong Kong selling points to him but it wasn’t really kiddy-friendly enough and he found the show a bit scary so we left soon after that started!  I didn’t complain too much though as it was actually making me feel a bit motion-sick!
So instead we went for a stroll along the Avenue of the Stars which is kind of like the one in Hollywood except we hadn’t heard of most of the stars (apart from Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan) and I think most were dead anyway as only a few had the hand-prints to accompany their star.  Still, it was a nice walk as the promenade is right on the water giving spectacular views of the Hong Kong Island side of the city.  This is where we definitely intend to bring visitors to watch the famous 8pm light show as this is meant to be the best vantage point.

And onwards to lunch!  Dan had been taken to Mou Mou Club when he was in HK on his own and came back raving about it, saying it would be great for the kids.  It was very close so decision made.  After an agonisingly frustrating conversation with staff about the gluten-free side of things for Joshua, in we went.  At the table we didn’t really know what to expect.  In the middle was a kind of one ring electric hob where we were then brought a pot of the ‘soup’ we had chosen before we sat down.  At Mou Mou Club you have to chose the ‘package’ you want before you’re seated ie: what kind of soup, meat and length of session – you either get 60 minutes or 90 minutes to eat as much as you like, no need for me to clarify what we went for!!  Your time starts as soon as they bring the pot to your table.  So the soup came, the waiter turned the heat on and within minutes it was bubbling away.  We were also brought a huge plate of beautifully lean, thinly sliced raw beef which we threw as much into the pot to cook as we wanted.  We also got given some raw eggs if we wanted to chuck them in too!  I cracked one in and let it poach away nicely although we then discovered that the locals were mixing it around vigorously to break it all down – what a stupid Brit I am, poaching mine!!  It was nice though!  Whilst the soup was heating up, there was a huge buffet area filled with vegetables (some we recognised, some we didn’t!), dumplings, noodles which we were meant to pile our plates with and chuck in our soup pot.  There was also 2 types of rice to choose from too.  Such a fresh, healthy, filling meal, what a great way to eat!  Our beef plate and soup pot got topped up whenever we gave the nod.  Eden couldn’t get enough of the beef, rice and soup combo and as Josh said, he had 9 bowls full of goodies and we’re happy to say, no gluten-related reactions have occured so we must have got our point across in the end!  Soft drink refills and ice-cream sundaes with DIY toppings all included as well so happy days!  Naturally we used our full 90 minute quota!

Dinner wasn’t quite the family affair that lunch was, however.  The plan was that we were going to go the Saturday evening pool-side BBQ buffet that Parkview hold each week.  The reality was that Dan & Eden went down first as Eden was so hungry and tired that she couldn’t wait for Josh & I to finish our Skype call.  Then when Josh & I got down there, Eden was so tired that Dan took her up to bed whilst Josh & I ate.  Then Dan dashed back down again and I dashed up to babysit Eden!  Then Dan called to say Josh was coming up in the lift which left Dan at the buffet on his own – he didn’t return for about an hour, funny that!

3 thoughts on “Mou Mou Club

  1. Sounds great. Loving that lunch place. Looks like you’re fitting right in with the locals. Doing wat the neighbours do!!

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