What goes down, must come up…

I have now started mega-walking every day.  Well only for the last 2 days but I will keep it up, really!  And it’s mega in my eyes (and in my red face) but hopefully it’ll get easier each day.

Parkview is on the edge of Tai Tam Country Park which is a gorgeous, peaceful, misty country park pretty much in the middle of Hong Kong Island.  1 minute from the sanctury of my air-conditioned lobby and I’m there – shame it’s taken me nearly 3 weeks to venture out and explore it properly but better late than never!

So yesterday, Eden and I went off together in the early afternoon, having stayed in all morning in case I got a call from Joshua’s school as he’s had a wobbly few days.  But all is fine now and I promised him I wouldn’t blog about it so…into the park we went, Eden in the buggy of course as my intention was to do a good brisk walk, not meander at Eden’s pace, plus I thought it might be a bit hilly for her.

I was delighted to discover that just like every other inch of Hong Kong, Tai Tam Country Park is very difficult to manoevre around with a buggy, fabulous.  There were all sorts of paths into the woods I could have taken and trails I could have followed but they all involved many steps and rocky paths so I stuck to the road which was still incredibly still and peaceful and a much smoother ride for Eden, although being the wild-child that she is, the bumpier the ride the better as far as she’s concerned!

I probably only saw 3 people in the 45 minutes or so that I was walking.  I know I should appreciate this as once we move away from Parkview, further into the city, I’ll miss this peace and quiet!

Anyone reading this may be now picturing nice fresh air, a lovely breeze from the trees and me & Eden happily skipping along on our merry way.  That was certainly how I pictured it before I started – wrong, so wrong.  The road went down some hills so steep that I had to tilt the buggy back to stop it almost running away from me.  It did cross my mind that I was going to have a battle on my hands going back up those hills but I thought I’d worry about that on the way back, how bad could it be?  I thought I had pretty good leg muscles anyway from the spinning classes I did back home so I carried on my now slightly less merry way as I was quite intrigued as to what I was going to see around every corner.  Somewhere in the distance I could hear water.  I think there’s a reservoir in the middle of the park somewhere but I didn’t make it that far.  After half an hour and at the bottom of the steepest incline yet I thought I’d better head back.  This was when the party really started!  Well, obviously I made it back but I really don’t think I have ever tackled hills so steep in my life.  Maybe it was the buggy and the weight of Eden and all her paraphenalia that I was pushing ahead of me that made it all the more difficult but I genuinely thought I was going to pass out on more than one occasion and Eden would be found nowhere near me having rolled all the way down the hill!  In my spinning classes, if the going gets too tough I can just cheat a bit and turn down the resistance but you don’t get that privilege on a genuine road!  I puffed, panted and gasped my way back up the hills, enjoying the brief respite of a few bits of flat land before the next killer incline.  Of course Eden was having a great time pointing out all the flowers “dower!” and trees.  I was just concentrating on staying upright!  All I wanted was to fill my lungs with a breath of fresh air but there wasn’t any!  90% humidity at 2pm doesn’t really provide anything other than the feeling of being in a sauna.

Finally my lobby was in sight.  Eden got out and ran to say hi to her beloved fish whilst I collapsed on a sofa and drank in the cool air I had been so desperate for!  For the rest of the day I fluctuated between thinking I was never ever going to do that again to thinking I actually felt quite good and maybe I would do it again tomorrow.

It is now tomorrow and we did do it again!  With Dan and Joshua both out the door by 7.10am we were able to head off much earlier and I was vaguely hopeful it might be a bit less humid at this time of day.  I was wrong about that, the humidity was still high, the sweat was still pouring off me but dare I say it was perhaps a teeny tiny bit easier today.  Maybe that was because I knew what was ahead of me so I could pace myself a bit better.  Maybe it was because Eden promptly fell asleep after about 10 minutes (she had decided to start her day at 4.30am!) so her rockin’ and rollin’ wasn’t making things harder.  There were a lot more people around at this time doing their morning exercise, dog walking etc and of course Eden got her usual amount of admiring comments and everyone says good morning – I couldn’t say it back of course as I could still barely breathe, let along speak!

Dare I say it but I think I had fun again, we went a little bit further than we did yesterday, we’ll hopefully go again tomorrow and maybe before we check out of here we’ll eventually discover the reservoir!

Right, 10am – Eden’s awake, I’m showered, breathing normally again and my face has just about returned to it’s normal colour – let’s start our day!

2 thoughts on “What goes down, must come up…

  1. Lovely story made me smile whilst on the jubilee line coming home from work. Feels a bit like a sauna in here too..

    Keep up the blogs they’re great!

    Love to all of you

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