The Help

We have now employed a lovely lady who calls us “ma’am” and “sir” – this is what’s been missing in our lives!

I interviewed 4-5 potential helpers (this is what they seem to be called here, not maids) during the course of last week but Judy was the one I had my eye on and she was still the one I wanted to hire at the end of the process.  After speaking to her current employer and getting a glowing reference which was enough for me, we offered her the job and she accepted.  She had told us that she wanted to work for an English family so even though I could tell she was a good ‘un, which the agency also confirmed and I was a bit worried another family might snap her up, I was quietly confident we were her preferred family – don’t forget, I do have a blond-haired, blue-eyed trump card by my side!

We still have to wait a few weeks before she can officially work for us, lots of paperwork to be checked and processed, visa documents to be sorted and she has to have a thorough medical.  But it is a million times quicker because she is already in Hong Kong and we are doing a direct handover from her current employer to us.  If a helper is released from their contract and doesn’t find a new position within 2 weeks, she has to go back to the Philippines and the process takes much much longer to bring them back to Hong Kong so we’re very lucky in this respect.  Also, her current employers are happy for us to ‘share’ her for the next few weeks until the formal handover, which works well for us as whilst we are still at Parkview in a serviced apartment I don’t really need her full time yet but can use her for some childcare when we need it – she babysat last night which was lovely and got stuck in to helping bath the kids and did all the washing up after their dinner!  I don’t think I’m going to find it too hard to get used to this part of our move!  She didn’t appear to have ever seen a waste disposal before so I can see I’ll have a bit of fine-tuning to do to bring her round to Western ways!  I did have a few pangs during the evening that maybe we left the kids with her too soon as we don’t really know her properly yet but they were safely asleep in their beds when we got home and that is the whole point of using on occasion over these next few weeks, so we can all get to know each other.  Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “The Help

  1. Let’s hope Daniella ( remember her —— a mere cleaner ) does not read this otherwise she will be scared to come back to you one day !!!!!

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