My first 2 DAYS at school.

I HAVE HAD A GOOD 2 days at school. first I take the school bus.THE jouney takes 20mins to get there. I have met 14 freinds. The school dosen’t do it in years, it does in grades. our teacher is called mr nico.The school has a outdoor corridor.The PLAYGROUND IS A BIT BORING.We have p.e at the JCC (JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTRE).

4 thoughts on “My first 2 DAYS at school.

  1. Hi Josh it’s Evie I have a few questions to ask you first is it a Jewish school ? Why is the playground so boring ? What 3 friends are your favourite ? Bi the way tomorrow it will be the first time me and Eli are going to have are first lesson with out you.I riley miss you love Evie (P.S. you are so lucky you got to go back to school on Wednesday I went back on Tuesday lucky)

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