Eden Soloway, Celebrity!

Someone made a passing comment to me the other day that I didn’t really dwell on at the time but now I can’t get it out of my head….

She said that as a Western family in Hong Kong we will find that a lot of people here, particularly proper mainland Chinese people, are fascinated by Western children, especially fair-haired ones and that they may even try to take photos of them and if this happens to us we should be firm and tell them not to.

Well, today we went on a real family day out to Ocean Park (www.oceanpark.com.hk if you’re interested) which is a fabulous theme park on Hong Kong Island, some say it’s better than Hong Kong Disneyland but I’ll let you know once we’ve been there too!  Ignoring the revolting 30 degree heat and gazillion % humidity we had a really amazing day.  We even showed one of our first signs of commitment to Hong Kong by investing in annual passes!  It’s so close to visit, we’ll have earnt our money back after 2-3 visits and Joshua could happily spend his whole day in the aquarium there (he took 109 photos of fish today & may blog separately about his visit tomorrow) so we couldn’t not invest really!

Anyway back to the original purpose of this post – at Ocean Park we could not take a step in any direction without people pointing and cooing at both Joshua and Eden, particularly Eden as she’s so fair.  We were by no means the only Western family there but some people were certainly acting like they’d never seen Western kids before – I mean this is Hong Kong not some remote Chinese village!  In queues it was impossible to escape the stares and comments as we had nowhere to escape to – no idea what they were all saying to each other, probably something like, “these 2 beautiful children don’t look like they could possibly belong to those two red-faced sweaty people!!”  They also had no problems reaching out and stroking Joshua’s arms, Eden’s face, her hair etc.  I think 3 times we had to stop people taking photos of Eden!  So now I feel like some kind of bodyguard to 2 people I have to fiercely protect (as their mother I guess that’s what I am anyway but I’m a million times more aware of it now!).  We really did feel like Eden was some kind of celebrity today – maybe there’s a bit of money to be made out of charging people for taking pictures, just kidding, don’t worry!

So our day of being parents to A-listers is over, what will next week bring…x

5 thoughts on “Eden Soloway, Celebrity!

  1. Hilarious – I remember when Gab lived in Beijing, he had pix of all his friends on the wall… I walked in one day to see two cleaners in hysterics over Sarah’s curly hair (sorry Sarah!) Instead of being embarrassed when I walked in, they just started laughing at my blue eyes instead… As I couldn’t communicate with them, I just left… very quickly! So good luck with that, seems things haven’t changed in 16 years 🙂

    BTW, Leo climbing on my lap saying “I say hello to Joshy!!!!” so will have to hook up in the morning xx

    • Thanks Sharon! Finally caught up with the blog. It’s great neene and josh, looking forward to more posts. Miss u guys xxx

  2. We lived in San Francisco for the first 5 years of Katie’s life. During her first year, she had babysitters who were Japanese nuns. They often took their charges to the arboretum at nearby Golden Gate Park. Busloads of Japanese tourists frequently stopped there and would enthusiastically rush up, asking to have their pictures taken with Katie. She was, I must say, quite an adorable little girl. They were very polite and we always let them. If we ever get to Japan, one of our questions will be whether the people we meet have ever travelled to SF and, if so, if they happen to have had their pictures taken with a cute one year old at the arboretum.

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