What a day – just call me Octopus-Mum!

Ok so day 2 of being on my own with the kids as Dan started work yesterday.  For those of you wondering how he’s getting on (this is the whole point of us being here after all!), I think that what with still sorting out details of our house rental at home, getting finances in order here and trying to arrange to stay at Parkview until our shipment arrives rather than being booted out after a month whether our stuff is here or not – going to work is probably the easy part!!

So yes, day 2 of survival – not helped by seeing all the Phillipino helpers everywhere I turn taking beautiful care of their charges!  Mine is out there somewhere I’m sure, had an interview set up last night but she didn’t show and when we did touch base it turns out she wants to live-out but I want live-in – if I’m going to do this, might as well do it properly!  Dan & I are laughing at the fact that at home we didn’t want to entertain the idea of an au-pair invading our privacy but now we’re here I want the full on live-in experience!  I actually think some people here regard me as if I actually am Joshua & Eden’s nanny!  I get more smiles from the Phillipino’s than I do from the parents!

This morning we went for a playdate to a family also here in Parkview who live in a stunning flat.  We were introduced to this family by a mutual friend (Gaby Sheldon for those who know her!).  They have 4 kids so I guess they’re entitled to a nice big flat.  Standards were very high, even for me!  We had to remove our shoes & wash our hands before doing anything and I could barely see floorspace because of all the dehumidifiers and air purifiers around!!  Nice to have some friendly hospitality though.

Then for the big project of the day – buying Joshua’s school uniform.  Who invented the worldwide law that school uniform shops have to be in random places nowhere near the actual school?!  Well Hong Kong is no exception.  After a 25 minute cab ride, Star Ferry (top tourist attraction so didn’t really mind!) across the harbour to Kowloon then another short cab ride we made it!  Josh looked v handsome in everything of course (!) & was particularly pleased that his new PE kit looked like the Spurs away kit!  Then we reversed the journey, not easy putting 2 kids, a buggy & bags in and out of taxis & boats whilst trying to keep one of them asleep (!) and made it ‘home’ in time for a late lunch before packing Josh off to his Easter football camp which basically involves dropping him off looking like a normal child and collecting a beetroot!! (He gets it from me!).  So I couldn’t really say no when all he wanted to do after that was jump in the pool.  I managed to keep both kids alive in the pool on my own and we’re back – phew!  It was lovely actually, nice warm water and just about had the pool to ourselves 🙂

Have also got the ball rolling with an agency to find me a helper since word of mouth doesn’t seem to be working – no doubt this project won’t pass without a few amusing stories, also look out for pics of Josh in his uniform on his first day next week.

Room service tonight – you don’t think I’m cooking after my mammoth day, do you? xx

8 thoughts on “What a day – just call me Octopus-Mum!

  1. Hello Hong Kong Soloways!

    Diana Light, Katie’s Mom, here. Stuart just forwarded your blog address and we are delighted with the chance to tag along on your adventures. Your writing is delightful. What a good sport you are. Good luck to all of you as you get settled in. You’ll be “natives” in no time!

    All the best, Diana

  2. Nina
    Great to be able to follow all your adventures. Good Luck with the help! Make the most of it.
    Lynda and David

  3. Sorry I couldn’t chat on skype the other day, I explained to my work colleagues that it was an important business call from Hong Kong but then they saw Josh sitting there staring right back. Very amusing. Eli and I are off the Wembley tonight to see Spurs v Chelsea Cup semi final. Yes you read that right. Eli IS coming. I’m still not convinced he understands that we’re gonna actually watch football but he is properly excited. He said to me ‘daddy I am so excited. Who lives at wembley stadium again?’ Could this be the turning point for my son?!! We live in hope. Big love x

    • wow – lucky Eli!! Josh will be so happy if Eli is a big footie fan when we come home in August, I’m not convinced though! Enjoy taking your son to the footie though xx

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